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Drona Systems

Drona Systems is a services provider that assists organizations in bringing their native thinking into the digital medium by using technology as an enabler that contributes to both the top-line and bottom-line. We speed up such transformative engagements by combining mainstream technologies like DevOps and Automation with cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as well as our proprietary AI-infused frameworks.

  • Digital Products Engineering(UI/UX | Front End | Back End | Database)
  • Automate Everything(Simple Error-Free & Multi-Tasking)
  • DevOps, CICD & Cloud(Seamless Agile Delivery & Deployment).
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Full Stack Development

Ahead of the curve digital thinking for refreshing web experiences

Customer Experience

We help our Clients craft a Digital Strategy that puts Customer Experience at the heart of all Operations. A holistic CX can make users to become Brand champions through an immersive omni-channel experience and personalization.

Delivering Agile Environment Through DevOps

Re-Engineering your Development & Deployment Process

Digital Innovation

We help Clients solve a myriad of problems at the intersection of Business and Technology such as Business strategy, Technology strategy or Operations strategy. We drive value, design operating models for the future and generate competitive advantage for our Clients.

Continuous Delivery Of Value (CDV)

We enable Engineering teams to deliver Technology solutions at the pace of Business through cutting-edge practices in Culture, Process and Tools.

Quality Engineering

We help you mitigate Business and Technical risks through applying Engineering principles of Automation, Shift-Left and a layered Quality Strategy.

Impeccable Benefits Of DevOps

Implement DevOps to boost up the deployment speed with improved code quality.

Continuous Integration

CI is an industry standard to detect any problems in the early stage. Our CI experts use continuous integration tools in devops like Jenkins, Docker & Kubernetes for high-level cross-team communication to save time.

Continuous Delivery

CD is an engineering approach which releases the software updates in a safe & reliable way. Reduce your deployment risks with our CD experts with an instant deployment process for any accurate changes.

Infrastructure Management

Our DevOps solution helps to develop & deploy high-quality software products and services. Providing better resource management & Devops management plans with re-using option & low-cost implementation.

Configuration Management

Our Configuration system in DevOps solution offers code management, platform automation that gives your customer a ready-to-use server.

Continuous Testing

‘Testing Early & Testing Often’ is the key strategy we follow in a continuous testing process. Tools like Selenium, Apache JMeter, BlazeMeter helps us to check the quality of continuous delivery at every step.

Continuous Monitoring

As a Devops services company, our Continuous monitoring solution streamlines any mission critical application seamlessly with Dockers, Kubernetes tools.


Microservices contains a common toolset that can be used between the development & operational service. Microservices in our DevOps services work better together to fix any configuration or scripting issues.


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